Thomas Bradshaw (1733-1774)
A Georgian Politician in the Time of the American Revolution
by Richard Lee Bradshaw

Author Richard Lee Bradshaw’s well-received first book, God’s Battleaxe, the Life of Lord President Bradshawe, told the little-known story of a 17th century Englishman who rebelled against his King in defense of liberty.  In this second book, Thomas Bradshaw (1733-1774), Bradshaw tells the story of an 18th century English politician observing the day-to-day unraveling of Britain’s control over their North American Colonies.

As his country’s policies fail his own life and fortune spins out of control leading ultimately to his suicide on the eve of the American War of Independence. Townshend’s colonial taxation policies are refused and once again Englishmen rebel against their King in defense of Liberty. American’s fourteenth Colony is proposed, chartered, and then lost, leaving behind the disappointed ambitions of The Lord Chamberlain of England, The Lord Chancellor, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Bradshaw, the subject of this fascinating biography.